Porträt von Joseph

148277_843738082414823_4747623020761655834_nEin wunderbares Fundstück auf Facebook: Die spanische Volontärin unseres befreundeten Projektes „Fußball Charity Mwanza“ Alejandra hat Joseph getroffen und ein Porträt von ihm geschrieben. Lest selbst:

Joseph is the Head of The Fonelisco Orphanage. This centre has 56 children who have the chance to go to school, to have food, a safe life and to live in a good environment everyday.

„I started to work in 1997 with street kids when I was in the School. I used to ask for money to my colleagues to buy the uniforms and materials for them. I started with Fonelisco in 2003. The best part of my job is when I see these kids having an independent life, ten of them are working and two of them are in the University“

– What would you say to a person who has always liked to have a volunteer experience?
– It is just once in a lifetime opportunity and then you will like to do it again hahaha. You will learn a lot about a different culture, these kids have a lot to teach you, to open your mind… But you won’t know it until you get here. Maybe, you could bring some Spanish people.
– I will try, but I can’t promise. I can choose my own decisions, but I can’t choose others‘.
– I like your answer, I don’t like promises, I prefer surprises.

Fonelisco is an amazing project. You see Tanzanian people trying to help their own population, they give everything that they have for these kids. Joseph is one of these awesome people in the world. He is not famous, but he is the idol of too many kids. As a volunteer you can make a difference in the life of others and, even in your own life. They need you, they need us.


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